Our history, brands and culture

Intech Boating was created in 2007 aiming to meeting the demands of the nautical market, focused on the development and manufacture of service watercrafts.

Under the command of José Antonio Galizio Neto, he soon stood out in the market for producing though and high-performance watercrafts, which prioritize efficiency and low maintenance. Intech masters the open mold infusion lamination technology and is always looking for improvement and better techniques.

Intech expanded its area of operation in 2011 when it started producing four models of the famous Italian brand Sessa Marine. It currently holds the rights to represent three brands in Brazil: Sessa Marine, Key Largo and the private label Intech Professional Boats.

The experience, technology and innovative design passed on by Sessa Marine, along with the workforce and knowledge of Intech Boating in the Brazilian market, it resulted in the success achieved. Today there are already more than 300 watercrafts produced and sailing in Brazilian seas.

We at Intech Boating are always looking for the best solutions.

For us, every detail matter: building high-performance, low-maintenance boats is as relevant as design, comfort and finishes. With the new factory, we have consolidated the partnership with Sessa Marine, combining our experience and seriousness with the Italian tradition and quality in producing avant-garde boats. It was a watershed in our trajectory and also in the life of those who choose a watercraft we built.

We try to think like the user, paying attention to all the details, so that our products can be adjusted to the particularities of each client.

Today I am proud to say that we are one of the most reliable and innovative companies in the domestic nautical market. In all these years of activity, I am proud to see how we have evolved, expanded our product line, updated our champions and expanded our production capacity. Even with the family growing, we have kept our values and that is what brought us here.

We are ready for new challenges.

Welcome to the Intech family.
José Antonio Galizio Neto

Opened in early 2013, in the town of Palhoça, in Santa Catarina, Intech Boating factory has a total area of 20 thousand m².

With an initial investment of R$15.5 million, the industrial park was built to meet the production capacity of four boats per month of up to 50 feet, and made it possible to increase production capacity by 50%. The project was designed to allow the production of boats according to a cutting-edge industrialized production process, similar to that one carried out in the factories of its Italian partner Sessa Marine.

In 2019, a new investment of R$1.5 million, expanded the built area from 12,500 m² to an extra 4,000 m², to meet the increased market demands and the needs for the implementation of new lines of larger boats.

The industrial park holds the entire administrative and production line, with its own sectors of joinery, upholstery, locksmiths, warehouses, finishing, assembly, lamination, escape area and external patio.

Today the plant meets the production of five models from Sessa Marine, two models from the Key Largo line and the IB 360 model from Intech Professional Boats.

Intech Boating has always paid special attention to the environment, developing increasingly modern production processes, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of its assembly line and the use of its watercrafts as much as possible.

Such concern was also considered in the development of the new factory project. Aiming at environmental preservation and making the most of natural resources, the factory spaces were designed to enhance natural lighting with large glass panels on the ceiling and side walls, which reduce the use of artificial lighting. The factory also has a system for controlling atmospheric emissions at all stages of the production process, which prevents the dispersion of particles into the environment.

The harvesting of rainwater was another important sustainable initiative that the factory adopted. The building has a circuit system that makes it possible to collect and store rainwater for reuse in the toilets, in the watercrafts test pool and for irrigation of the gardens. The tanks can store up to 220 thousand liters of water.

Also, part of the company's routine is the selective collection of discarded materials on the production line, where all waste is previously selected in the generating sources, with a disposal without damaging the environment.

It is based on our values, beliefs and habits. It makes up the identity, the INTECH way of BEING! We are an organization that works with well-being and self-fulfillment, our focus is MAKE DREAMS come true and provide UNIQUE EXPERIENCES.

We strive for EXCLUSIVITY, our purpose is to be the best, not the greatest.

We love our production line and our products. We use all our experience to BUILD WELL and DELIVER HIGH STANDARD products.

QUALITY is our main focus, we seek continuous improvement, complying with all legal provisions.

We believe that AFTER-SALES is the main tool to keep EXCELLENCE and win our customers´ TRUST.

We are not looking for ready-made professionals, WE INVEST IN OUR TEAM. We want people who are available to develop their skills and who seek their professional and personal GROWTH. People who want to grow together. Who strive for excellence and pursue it with a daily DETERMINATION.

We talk over and solve our problems together. We are in the habit of cooperation and solidarity. Our goal is to ADD different skills, that together do something AWESOME.

WE TRUST our distribution network and keep it ready and motivated. Resellers who believe and know our products know how to improve it and how to meet our customers’ needs, ensuring a FIRST-CLASS service.

Build high-quality watercrafts, differentiated by quality, specialization, performance and design, developing our human and technological capital, through best practices with social and environmental responsibility.

Being an internationally recognized shipyard for manufacturing the best watercrafts in its range, up to December of 2023.

• Excellence - Keep established quality standards, always seeking improvement and specialization.
• Human capital - Respect the individuality of each employee, treating everyone with transparency and giving relevance to each person's contribution.
• Ethics – Build solid and respectful relationships with the market and partners.
• Commitment - Work with dedication and enthusiasm, focusing on customer satisfaction and building a positive image of the shipyard.
• Social and environmental responsibility - Adopt practices to preserve the environment, both in the processes on the assembly line and when using watercraft, adding to a more sustainable and conscious society.

Acobar - ABNT

Intech Boating officially received the ABNT Certificate of Conformity during the Rio Boat Show 2019.
Intech Boating is the only shipyard to have its entire line certified by Acobar - ABNT.

The certification was created aiming to improving safety standards and attesting to the quality in the construction of Brazilian boats. It is directly related to the care taken during the construction, the safety of the people involved in the production process, the users of the boats, as well as the attention given to the environment.

The process includes a full checklist that must be complied with by the requesting shipyards. The certification is supported on a checklist, based on 14 international ISO Standards, national standards, in addition to the Brazilian Navy (NORMAN) standards.


Learn the history of Intech Boating

The company officially started its operation in 2007 in the city of São José, in Greater Florianópolis, focused on the production of boats for professional use. Its first model produced was IB 360.


Intech Boating was designed with the mission of producing high quality watercrafts, preserving safety, navigability and comfort, and aiming of becoming a model company in the institutional nautical segment.


In 2008, IB 360 model begins to receive customizations in its project, to adjust and meet different types of use.


Using the same structural base, IB 360 is now adapted to meet operations such as: pilotage, patrolling, rescue, maritime support, cargo and people transportation, ambulance and fast displacement.


In 2009, IB 360 fleet reaches 50 units produced and sailing in Brazil.


This year is also marked by the construction of IB410 on / off model. The first watercraft produced by the shipyard aiming on the leisure market, an exclusive project made to order by the client.


In 2010 Intech Boating meets Mr. Massimo Radice, in charge of opening new markets for the Italian brand Sessa Marine & Key Largo and the synergy between companies is instantaneous.


Strategic planning is carried out to implement a production line of the Sessa Marine & Key Largo brand in Brazil. The partnership contract is executed in December.


To implement the production line in Brazil and transfer technology, a group of Brazilian professionals goes to the headquarters of Sessa Marine in Italy to learn all the details of the Italian line and to be trained in the production processes.


In April, in Rio de Janeiro, Sessa's first watercrafts in Brazil are presented during the Rio Boat Show event. Partnership with Dealer Regatta Yachts is executed to sell Sessa Marine watercrafts in Brazil.


Beginning of the Intech Boating expansion project with the construction of a new plant in the town of Palhoça-SC. 100% Brazilian investment, made to accommodate the production line of the models of the Sessa Marine & Key Largo brands.


In September, watercraft Sessa FLY47 is presented during the São Paulo Boat Show. It is the first time that the Italian shipyard simultaneously launches the same model in Europe and Brazil.


The new Intech Boating plant is opened in Palhoça - SC, showing a new era of the shipyard. This year is also marked by the incorporation of Sessa Marine Brasil by Intech Boating, after two years of a successful partnership, companies come together to serve the Brazilian market even better.



The production line of the first FLY model in Brazil is implemented: the F42, a tropicalized version of the Italian F40. In the Brazilian version, the highlight is the larger platform that allows the installation of a gourmet space, privileging the external area of the boat, preferred by Brazilians.


2014 was the year of implementation of the production line of the Cruiser 42 model. The first watercraft of this line produced in Brazil is presented during the São Paulo Boat Show.



The year was also marked by the strengthening of the partnership with Volvo Penta. Intech Boating is one of the first shipyards in Brazil to win the Volvo Penta Certified Facility.


Sessa Marine's watercrafts are consolidated in the Brazilian market and Intech Boating shipyard becomes a reference in the domestic leisure market.


The Sessa models, C40 and F42, became leaders in their class in Brazil.


The 2017 C40 model is launched during the São Paulo Boat Show, a revitalized version of the shipyard's most successful watercraft.



Sessa Marine International enters into a partnership with the Italian studio CentroStile Design for restyling and creating new models for the Sessa Marine brand.



Intech Boating completes 10 years of operation and reaches the mark of 200 watercrafts produced and sailing.


PIT STOP SESSA Relationship Program is launched.



Simultaneous launch with Europe of the New Sessa C44 project and implementation of the model's production line in Brazil.


The restyling project is carried out on the C40 model, following the new Italian line of applying wider and more modern side windows.


Intech Boating receives ABNT - Acobar Certification for watercrafts C36, C40 and F42.



This time it is F42 that receives the restyling project, following the new line of side windows.


Development of the F5X project, the first watercraft developed by Intech for the world market. The model, which is being developed in partnership with the Italian studio CentroStile Design, will have its first unit presented in Brazil in the second half of 2021.



The New C42 is launched in Italy and the revitalized model is again produced in Brazil.


Coming soon...



Italian excellence in the name of quality and style

Created by the Radice family in 1958, Sessa Marine offers four lines of high-quality watercrafts, ranging in size from 20 to 70 feet. The work of this company is internationally recognized for its dynamism and its capacity for innovation, which enabled it to design and implement exclusive boats, which matches design with technology and style with quality. Sessa's policy is not to follow fashions but to create trends.

Sessa Marine watercrafts produced by Intech Boating are faithful to the original designs and keep the same standard of quality in construction, technology and finish as Italian watercrafts.


Pure thrill

Key Largo is Sessa Marine's sports line that brings a new watercraft proposal, more compact and open, to privilege navigation and outdoor leisure.

The navigation of a Key Largo is fast and stable. Its shapes reproduce elegant design and robust volume, with square beak and sinuous side. With central control, the main vocation of the models of the Key Largo line are walks. The watercrafts enhance the outdoor space with spacious and comfortable solariums, in addition to bringing the sporting spirit that Brazilians so enjoy.


Stability, toughness and the best cost / benefit ratio.

A pioneer in the industry of watercrafts for professional and continuous use, Intech Boating presents a line of specialized watercrafts, which matches power, safety, efficiency, comfort and high strength. Ideal for heavy operations such as pilotage, rescue, patrolling, port support and crew transportation.

Manufactured by the vacuum infusion process, watercrafts stand out for their toughness and long service life.



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